• Welcome to the Shoppe, stop by and enjoy a nice cold bowl of cereal for lunch, or a tasty cupcake or pie for those pesky late night munchies. Also try one of our many other delicious goodies that are baked fresh right here everyday.


    (vegan and gluten free + regular) - I was once like you. I ate vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. They were good, tasty in fact. I got by on this. In fact I found it comforting to have something so sweet and reliable to satisfy my sugary needs. But then, hell, I dunno know what happen. I stumbled out of the hotel room; I felt like I was being called by some unseen force, a voice soft and lilting with an undercurrent of something dark and mysterious spoke to me, drew me in like a desert calling for rain. I found myself suddenly in front of The Shoppe, it's giant pink cupcake sign staring down at me. I opened the door, the air turned golden, I heard my mother's voice calling me in for supper, my hands radiated a gentle warmth you only get from a midnight summer bonfire, I felt myself floating forward, The Shoppe was embracing me, there were beautiful women with rainbow hair, there were cupcakes of indescribable variety with incredible flavors and it was here, of all places I'd ever been and ever would be, it was here where I was fresh again, so fresh and so clean, clean.


    I'm no Martha Stewart, but if I was I probably would be making a heavily liquored punch with fake floating eyeballs and finger cookies that looked like, well, zombie fingers. Okay, I might have been reading Martha Stewart Magazine while I was in-line at King Soopers. If I was really Martha Stewart I wouldn't be making anything for anybody. People be gettin' me some black magic witch drink in some fancy fluted glass and smoke be comin' out of it. Thats what Martha wants and that's what Martha gets.


    The perfect blend of Halloween, Fall and sweet spiciness in the form of cake and frosting. It's so good we're not even intimated by Martha Stewart's fancy ass Halloween magazine that you can purchase at King Soopers. Yeah Martha, I can see you in your pink faery godmother outfit; just because you put shivs in your "Tombstone" cupcakes doesn't mean you scare me. Although there might be something slightly frightening about making those "Tombstone" cupcakes with a small green parrot on your shoulder. Martha Stewart Halloween Cupcakes


    Have you ever had a dream where Martha Stewart is standing over you wearing a witches costume while holding a caramel apple carved into the shape of a hobgoblin? No? Me neither. I just got stuck in line at King Soopers and there she was staring at me with that smarmy smile on her face, that I-was-in-prison-for-a-year-so-you-better-buy-my-motherf*@kin'-magazine smile.


    What can be said about Pralines and Cream? What does the autumn light shining through brilliant orange leaves mean to you? What was that feeling when your first born came into the world? When the attendant strapped you into the roller coaster can you recall the butterflies in your belly, the swell of excitement for unknown sensations, the pure "what the hell" of the moment? Yeah, this cupcake is a little like that, it's a little like what the French call "joie de vivre" or what the we at The Shoppe say You the best I ever had, the best I ever had, the best I ever had, you the f@*kin' best.......