This is all about flavor over our 5 years we’ve made so many awesome flavors we figured you might get inspired by them....


    Trix are for kids. Rabbits are for Ogres and French Chefs. Marshmallows are for campfires and hot cocoa. The Shoppe cupcakes are for awesome people who know whats good for 'em and can party 'til the break of dawn.


    Like an old married couple, you can't imagine apples and cinnamon ever being separated from each other. But unlike old Claudine and Herbert and their beautiful fulfilling relationship that has spanned the ages and brought joy and triumph not only to them but to their friends, family, and in fact anyone who has had the pleasure of encountering them......okay its only a cupcake but one you'll never forget, one that'll make you realize what life is really about, i.e. cupcakes.


    To make it more fun, get a dozen of these cakes and eat 'em while watching the movie of the same name. *Note: There is no marijuana in these cupcakes.


    Just when you thought a cinnamon roll was just a cinnamon roll BAM! We crank up the "what the heck" and roll this cupcake concoction in front of you. We know not what we do but you will when you sink your chompers into this one. We wanted to call this one "The Orange Cinnamon Rolls I used to Make with my Mom on Sunday Mornings when I was a Kid". But we decided that was too much. EXTREME!


    Eating this will not replicate a trip to Germany, believe me I realize this more than anyone, but who cares: rich, moist, sweet cake meets tried and true German Chocolate frosting. I don't need to be wearing lederhosen in a beer hall to know I'm having a good time.


    Certain businesses will threaten to give children a shot of espresso and a puppy if the parents don't keep their children in line. While The Shoppe won't go so far as to do this we did make this cupcake which is like receiving a puppy while your hyper.


    Simple, sweet and wonderful, this cupcake will cause you to fall asleep in a peaceful bliss as the one you've always loved will dance in your dreams. *Note: There are no psychedelic drugs in these cupcakes. If said cupcake causes drowsiness just eat more of said cupcake.


    Simple, sweet and wonderful, this cupcake will cause you to fall asleep in a peaceful bliss as the one you've always loved will dance in your dreams. *Note: There are no psychedelic drugs in these cupcakes. If said cupcake causes drowsiness just eat more of said cupcake.


    This is a cherry 7-up cake with cherry cream cheese frosting. You don’t have to know a song and dance routine to able to fully enjoy this cupcake. It might help. As might a set of dimples, some cork screw red hair and an ability to entertain the masses with a mesmerizing force. Shirley Temple? No, I’m talking about Carrot Top.


    This amazing cupcake is a honey cake with strawberry filling and strawberry and honey buttercream frosting. Only people serious about gettin’ busy with a cupcake should attempt to take this on. And I don’t mean “busy” like that, you sex fiend. Pleasures At The Park is two blocks east if that’s what you’re into. Cupcakes are wholesome and family oriented and not designed to be eaten off your lover’s body or be part of some Craigslist Casual Encounters hook up. Not that I know anything about either of those things. Nope, not at all.


    This is our super moist yellow cake with peach pie filling mixed in and topped off with a fresh ginger and peach cream cheese frosting. You want a fruity-licious summer time treat then look no further. This cupcake will blow your socks off and melt your face. (in a good way)

  • C.R.E.A.M.

    This super light summery cupcake is a vanilla cake filled with our homemade vanilla custard and topped off with light and fluffy fresh whipped cream.
    Dolla dolla bill y'all!

    *Note: The Shoppe is not ruled by cash although dolla dolla bills keep us up and running we put our money in the cupcakes and pies.

    **Note: There are no dolla bills in this cupcake.

    ***Note: The Shoppe takes credit cards, checks, fancy dance moves and dolla dolla bills as payment.

    ****Note: I lied about the fancy dance moves.


    Vanilla cupcake with strawberries baked inside and topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. Good morning day! Ooh la la, what have we here? May I? Well if you insist. My, my what a fantastic concoction. So creamy and delicious. What, you made this? Get outta here! Heavens to Murgatroyd!! *Note: Don’t watch YouTube videos of Snagglepuss before putting words on paper.


    Lime cupcake with Tequila lime frosting. Eating Tequila laced cupcakes is always safer than drinking straight Tequila; you can dress up a Mexican themed bar with as many multi-colored lights and paper mâché donkeys as you like, plunging shot after shot of fermented agave down your throat at once won’t take you to Cancun or teach you to play a mariachi guitar but a margarita cupcake…….gettin’ closer. *Note: There are no Spanish Flies in the Margarita cupcake.


    Cherry chocolate chip cupcake with cherry chocolate chip frosting. It’s best not to associate the image of Jerry Garcia with this cupcake; he was a short furry little man who wore tinted glasses and had messy gray face pubes. Seriously, if you get endless jam band music in your head when you dive into this cupcake that’s on you man, not us. *Note: There is no LSD in this cupcake.


    Oh, it’s that season: Ripe red strawberries, fresh rhubarb, green leaves sprouting on the trees, warm sunny days, Jazz in the Park, drunk people wandering on Colfax and smashing windows, overly large chemical laced Slurpees from 7-11, beautiful woman wearing amazing dresses dragging along frat boys with Polo “popped” collared shirts, backwards hats, baggy cargo pants and worn Adidas flip-flops. *Note: The writer hates summer men’s wear options.


    Chocolate chip malt cupcake with pineapple baked inside and topped with chocolate chip cream cheese frosting. This is a cupcake that’ll make you want to throw on day-glow orange spandex and join a Jazzercise class. Hell, it’ll make you want to become a Jazzercise instructor. Screw Bikrim, let’s get into these unitards and shake it up!


    Chocolate chip maple cupcake with maple whipped cream frosting. You think you’re above eating cupcakes don’t you? You think, “Summer’s coming up and I’ve gotta this body back in thong shape.” You tell yourself that there’s no room in your life for “extra” treats, for decadent sugary delights, that what you really need is to go “low sugar” because sometimes you get tired in the afternoons at work and it’s probably because your over stimulating your body. Well, you can see the picture and description of this cupcake can’t you? So, lemme just wish you luck on that diet-y thing.


    Maple bacon cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. It’s a meal. It’s a sweet treat. It’ll give you that thick carpet of black hair on your chest that you’ve always coveted. Once this cupcake gets into your system you’ll want to take to the woods with an axe over your shoulder and a hankerin’ to see some wood fly. That is until you see a beautiful wood goddess named Penelope from Bethesda Maryland, strapped to a Ponderosa pine, topless with the words “Save the Trees” painted in black on her chest. Even Lumberjacks can fall in love.


    Cherry 7-Up cupcake with cherry cream cheese frosting. I’d look up why they developed a flavor after some kid on TV but I don’t get the internet at my apartment because writing cupcake descriptions doesn’t pay the bills and the internet can be a vacuous black hole filled with the entire range of human curiosities – in other words you’ll find your brain crammed full of useless information and horrible images that make you despair at humanity’s depravity. Which brings us to Shirley Temple: do you think she could ever have conceive that her name would forever be associated with non-alcoholic cocktails or frickin’ delicious cupcakes? Actually the Internet and Shirley Temple have nothing to do with one another; maybe this is the reason I can’t afford wireless.           



    Strawberry Malt cupcake with strawberry malt butter cream frosting. So Suzy told Betty that Jimmy asked her to go steady and she said yes but only so she could wear his sweater since he’s got letters in three varsity sports but then, this is what I was told, Jimmy took her down to this cupcake shop in this rough looking neighborhood and much to Suzy’s surprise there were these strange paintings on the walls of women with missing arms smoking cigarettes but that wasn’t even the half of it because all the cupcakes looked just plain WEIRD, and THAT wasn’t even the weird part because there were these girls behind the counter and they had, get this, TATTOOS all over their bodies and strange piercings on their faces, and you could see, gasp, the tops of their breasts and to top it all off there was this angry loud “music”, somebody talking in this terrible voice – it was like poetry but it wasn’t, it was scary – and worst of all, Suzy said, worst of all Jimmy seemed to LIKE IT there, she said he was flirting with the counter girl and “nodding” his head to the music and when he turned to Suzy he reached around and grabbed her buttock and that’s when she ran out the door screaming.


    Chocolate chip malt cupcake with chocolate malt butter cream frosting. The lights are bright and we dance all night at The Shoppe. In this hizzle we drizzle chocolate over everything. In The Shoppe we top it all with tall swirls of sugary cream. You come inside and……man I can’t believe this is all I’ve got right now. Seriously, “hizzle”, what is that? I guess you write a few hundred of these and the well just goes dry. How many times can you possibly say, “yup, these cupcakes are delicious, you guys should come get some”? You don’t know what its like to stare at a blank screen and wonder where the “magic” is going to come from. Yes, my friends, the magical art of cupcake emails is not a task to be taken lightly. Let me proceed: This Chocolate Malt cupcake is beyond anything you’ve ever had in your life, it will pummel your taste buds with a tumult of chocolate bliss while the malty flavor adds a subtle je ne sais quoi that keeps you wanting more as you gaze into mystery that is your lover’s eyes. BAM! Nailed it!


    Cola cupcake with cherry butter cream frosting. Things go better with Coke. What are these things? Cherry goes pretty good with Coke. But, even better, a cupcake. And not to go with it but to be it, to inhabit that delicious Cherry Coke flavor, and to level it up because, seriously, how often to you get the chance to eat a Cherry Cola cupcake? That’s right, never, so get your fine self down here and come gobble up some damn cupcakes.           






    Root beer cupcake with vanilla butter cream frosting. It’s summer. Well it’s almost summer. And you’re thirsty. Actually you’re always thirsty because we live at altitude and that’s just what happens at altitude. Nothing says summer in Colorado like a Root Beer Float. Well that might not be true; Root Beer Floats might be a Midwest sort of thing. But Root Beer Float cupcakes, now that is a Denver, Colorado thing, specifically an East Colfax specialty and its yummy, flavorful and you’ll probably need glass a sumptin’ to go with it.           






    This super moist gin and orange juice cupcake is sticking around for another month. We wanted to make sure that everyone tries it at least once!! I bet you didn’t know that when The Shoppe closes for the night we have break dancing parties until the bakers show up the next morning. That’s why when you come in for treats at our Award Winning shop you feel like throwing yourself on the floor and spinning for joy.


    Vanilla cupcake filled with rich and tangy orange curd topped with orange cream cheese frosting. In life we strive to achieve goals that raise us above our humanity; goals that are a testament to our resilience as a species; goals that raise the collective spirit to almost celestial spaces. If you’re looking for an easy way to feel as if your walking on sunshine then you might want to take a bite or two outta this cupcake.


    Super yummy blueberry and lemon cupcake with cream cheese frosting. This cupcake goes with everything; coffee, tea, good moods, bad moods, birthdays, holidays, first dates and lil’ anniversary celebrations. But it doesn’t go with midget mud wrestling or any song by Hall and Oates. On a side note, nothing goes good with any song by Hall and Oates.


    This is our super yummy key lime cupcake with blackberry compote baked right inside. Then it is topped with blackberry cream cheese frosting. Can two completely different fruits be combined into one cupcake and taste delicious? I dunno, does fur grow on a weasel? Does Prince dress like a woman who retired to Santa Fe, New Mexico to collect Kokopelli art?           



    A vanilla cupcake filled with marshmallow cream and topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and rolled in Lucky Charms cereal. Wee, colorful and full of sugar. That perfectly describes a Shoppe cupcake. It also describes leprechauns, small children, Chihuahuas and Richard Simmons.


    A white chocolate chip cupcake with white chocolate mint buttercream frosting. After eating this cupcake you’ll want to go down to The Dollar Tree, buy a few packets of pink glitter and spread fistfuls of them on the 16th Street Mall as you run around singing the song Puff The Magic Dragon. *NOTE: Our cupcake DO NOT have marijuana in them.


    A baileys cupcake filled with Baileys custard and topped with espresso cream cheese frosting. I was once like you until I ate this cupcake. Then my pupils dilated, I was able to lift and throw Mini Coopers 30 feet, I could out run a gazelle and then tackle and devour it, I was able to shoot electrical bolts out of my eyes to defeat my enemies, and my lover was so satisfied that they were compelled to write a book about me called Hunka Hunka Burn’ Love. Just sayin’.


    Guinness cupcake with orange cream cheese frosting. What’s better than beer? Beer transformed into cupcake form. Also, a beer cupcake to go with your beer. Perhaps two beers and a box of mini beer cupcakes? How about a naked beer party and a beer cupcake food fight followed by a nap and a 6-person game of Mario Cart? Well this got out of hand.          


  • B-52

    A Bailys cupcake with Kahlua custard filling and topped with Nutella cream cheese frosting. College Basketball, College Masketball, you want some real March Madness come down to The Shoppe because we’re gettin’ crazy with the cupcakes. Watching a basketball game being decided by a last second shot is great but eating a cupcake from The Shoppe is, well, AWESOME BABY!


    A Guinness chocolate cupcake filled with Baileys custard and topped with Jameson cream cheese frosting. Chock full of all things Irish, chocolate, and boozy. No actual car bombs though because they are terrible and don’t really go well with cupcakes or cupcake shops. All we got going on at The Shoppe is peace, love and understanding. And the occasional Elvis Costello song. Also, quite lovely cupcakes.


    A chocolate cupcake filled with Bailys custard and topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Slidin’ into your belly until you get that melting sensation in the back of your head that radiates down your chest and into all your extremities. Yes, the affects of eating a yummy cupcake are akin to getting the best massage of your life while hitting a home run that wins the game while gazing deeply into your lover’s eyes while flying through the air on a circus trapeze while an audience shouts your name and claps their hands for you until they can’t feel them anymore.


    Our famous Salted Caramel cupcake drizzled with bacon pieces and chocolate. Don’t like to mix your bacon with you caramel? Well too bad because you’re really missing out on this one. No, no, you can keep your vanilla cupcake to yourself. Nope, bacon and salted caramel is mine, no take backs. Yeah, I know you’ve never tried it but that’s what you get for being picky. It’s not my fault if you haven’t yet developed your taste buds.           




    Chocolate or vanilla cupcake filled with vanilla custard and topped with chocolate gnache.


    Vanilla white chocolate chip cupcake filled with espresso custard and topped off with white chocolate espresso cream cheese frosting.


    A swirl of cherry, vanilla, and champagne cakes topped with vanilla buttercream and a lollipop with a sweet message.


    White chocolate chip and cherry cupcake topped with cherry cream cheese.                  



    Chocolate cupcake filled with vanilla custard and cherry pie filling, topped off with cream cheese frosting and a chocolate drizzle.


    Chocolate cupcake covered in chocolate gnache with a sweet note for your sweetie right on top.


    Pistachio honey cake topped with light and fluffy whipped cream.


    Honey cake filled with strawberry filling and topped with strawberry and honey buttercream.                 


    Red velvet cake filled with a chocolate truffle and topped with cream cheese and chocolate drizzle.


    Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate Kahlua truffle filling and topped with chocolate Kahlua buttercream frosting.


    Dark chocolate and red wine cupcake with chocolate wine cream cheese on top.


    Honey lavender cupcake with whipped cream topping. Get ready, dive in, partake in indulgence, lose yourself in sweet sugar delight, free yourself from the shackles of denial; you deserve this and more; it’s your destiny and your birthright; eating this cupcake is Nirvana filled with tiny angels who give back massages while singing melodies that remind you of high school when you and your best friend Jimmy use to listen to Great White in his Camero in your Canadian Tuxedos sweating real sweat into those matching red headbands. Yeah, don’t know where I’m going with this……


    Cinnamon cupcake with caramel filling, topped with maple and cinnamon butter cream frosting and rolled in Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Bet Martha Stewart didn’t get any French Toast in prison. She probably ate lumpy corn grits and a brown spotted banana along with some weak acidic coffee. Oh who am I kidding, that woman has the eye of Sauron; those prison cafeteria workers probably had to buy one of her cook books and learn how to bake soufflés and Key Lime scones with a sublime thin sugar lime glaze that melted in your mouth.


    White chocolate chip cupcake with raspberry cream cheese frosting. When you come into The Shoppe and look at our display case filled with tasty concoctions you might stumble, the blood might drain from your face, you may –depending on the company – start clawing weakly at the glass case, in fact you probably will start grunting and hooting while bouncing on the back your heels which will morph into some ritualistic spontaneous cupcake song that we’ll record and put on YouTube. That’s just how we roll.


    Coca-Cola cupcake with salted peanut-butter butter cream frosting. Okay, who came up with this one? Seriously, stop messing around, who was it? Peanuts and Coca-Cola, oh really, how about prunes soaked in Mellow Yellow? Olives floating in Dr. Pepper (By the way, never mix Dr. Pepper with Peppermint Schnapps)? Capers and Tab? Ranch flavored corn-nuts and Squirt? What sick diabolical mind would create such a monstrosity of flavors? Coca-Cola and peanuts forming some strange sweet and salty cupcake that…..what’s that? It’s delicious? A lot of people know that peanuts and coke are amazing when combined? Oh, my bad. Sorry Cassandra.


    Vanilla cupcake with pecan pie baked inside and topped with whipped cream. No matter how many times you read this description or how strong your imagination is you will never be able to comprehend the scrumpdiddlyupcious-ness of this cupcake until the entire thing is wedged between your teeth.                  







    Chocolate coffee cupcake topped with mocha butter cream frosting and drizzled with chocolate gnache and espresso beans. Pump it up! Pump it up! Pump it up! Raise that knee! Now the left! Pump, pump, pump! Pump it up! Cup, cup, cake! Pump, pump, pump! Coffee, sugar, chocolate! Coffee, sugar, Chocolate! Pump it up! Pump it up! Pump, pump, pump!


    Chocolate beer cupcake – made with Copper Kettle Mexican Chocolate Stout – topped with chocolate butter cream frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon and chili flakes. This cupcake elixir is the final evolution of Aztec drinking chocolate. Behold! This creation will smack your taste buds around, give you the power of many gods, cause you to build mud temples in your back yard and search for exotic pigeons in City Park to gather their feathers for a headdress you’ll wear to work so your boss will give you a raise and make you coffee. Yeah, okay, not going to happen.


    Black sesame cupcake filled with lemon curd and topped with lemon/black sesame cream cheese frosting. This is the sort of cupcake used in a samurai movie to poison a beloved sensei. That’s just an excuse for the hero to slice through hundreds of evil ninjas, defy the ruling government, save a group of blind masseurs, discover the love of his life is his worst enemy’s daughter, and end up cornered and alone yet welding a magic blade that can cut through stone and turn the air green with every down stroke. Our cupcake is just lemony not poisonous. It’s also delicious, as if you had to ask.


    Maple bacon cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and maple drizzle. You don’t have to wear women’s clothing to enjoy this delicacy. What am I talking about?! What are YOU talking about?!








    Blue velvet cupcake with orange curd filling and topped with lemon cream cheese frosting. We at The Shoppe know that there are some of you frightened by what you’re reading. You stare in disbelief at your computer perplexed at our audacity, our genius ability to produce such ponderously magnificent luxuries so easily. We supplant the notion of what a cupcake is and bring forth what a cupcake dreams of being. This fully realized miniature cake flowers in the mind as well as the belly. It inspires the masses to rise up and demand more from their lives. We bake cakes that recall the days when a king’s word was binding, when a young baker’s apprentice named Gesepe met a magical Unicorn made of phyllo dough that granted three wishes and tasted delicious.


    Snickerdoodle cupcake with apple pie filling baked inside and topped with cinnamon cream cheese. Think about this one. You’re in the office - no one can read your thoughts. No one will know of your intense desire to throw back your chair and march down to The Shoppe immediately, forsaking all that matters. Or will they?


    Banana, pineapple and pecan cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Seriously, none of this stuff has ever been put together before in cupcake form. I just keep shaking my head in disbelief.


    Guiness/chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla/Guiness buttercream frosting. Certifiably legal for children to consume, they also work well for people who love sugar, chocolate, happiness, joy, revolutions, dreams, Irishy things, sun days, fist bumps, Betty White and discovering unknown twenty-dollar bills in their jean pockets.


    Orange cupcake with ginger cream cheese frosting. Oh, hello, I didn’t see you there. What’s that, you want a bite? I’m sorry, you could send a pack of rabid starving weasels armed with mini tridents driving remote control hover crafts made of pure titanium, but you’ll not get even a whiff of this cupcake without buying one for yourself.


    Brown sugar cupcake with whisky brown sugar cream cheese frosting. This cupcake would destroy that Jon Bon Jovi song in a “ name off”, whatever that is. Seriously, how can good taste trump supposed “talent” these days? Ah, my friends, with a cupcake, with a cupcake.

  • C.R.E.A.M.

    Vanilla cupcake filled with vanilla custard and topped with whipped cream. Yes, I would jump into a swimming pool full of these cupcakes. Yes I would.


    Banana cupcake with fresh strawberries baked inside and topped with whipped cream and blueberries. Although we didn’t make this one for any particular health benefits, the Chuck Berry might make it easier for some of you to justify purchase. Not that you’ve needed encouragement.

  • TWIX

    Brown Sugar cupcake with caramel filling and topped with chocolate caramel frosting and chocolate gnache. Certain souls were sold to the Devil in exchange for this recipe. A meeting at the Cross-Roads at Midnight on a Full Moon under a gnarled oak tree may have also occurred. There were crows and bats involved but mainly flour, sugar, chocolate and caramel. Okay, scratch the crows and bats. And maybe that Devil part.


    Chocolate cupcake with mint Oreo frosting. The Girlscouts can keep their pathetic little cookies.


    Banana cupcake with chocolate chips baked inside and topped with peanut-butter butter cream frosting and Honey-nut Cheerios. My legs buckle when I catch sight of this cupcake. I fall to the floor only to flail around in weird circles, my hand forming a claw that weakly paws the air while I emit a sound that can only be described as a dying yak. But that’s just me.


    Orange cupcake with cherry filling and topped with lime butter cream frosting. Nope, I never heard that one growing up, no, not all. Nope, no one ever shouted that towards me on the school bus in middle school with its suggestive undertones. Thanks Life cereal, thanks a whole bunch.


    Vanilla cupcake filled with chocolate gnache and topped with vanilla frosting and a chocolate drizzle. Surf guitar music will play for you every time you sink your teeth into this cupcake. You will nod your head in accompaniment to the music while frosting pools at the corner of mouth and your nostrils flare in appreciation of taste.


    Orange cupcake topped with chocolate/almond butter cream frosting and sliced almonds. Yum, yum, yumyumyum, yummy yummy yumyumyum.


    Zucchini chocolate chip cupcake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. You know, the zucchini is a long ugly vegetable that remains the bane of many a small child’s dinner plate. Feed ‘em this yummy concoction and not only will they get some vegetable nutrients but they won’t have any idea your deceiving them. MmHaHaHA! Sweet, Sweet deception!


    Marble cupcake topped with vanilla/chocolate frosting and sprinkled with chocolate espresso beans. You know that whole collaboration with Paul McCartney was just sort of weird. Each twisted by fame and too much exposure, both unable to live up to the expectations of their early successes, becoming shells of themselves as anonymity becomes forgotten, replaced by the flash of cameras, screaming fans, fingers grasping out towards their beings in an attempt to steal an ounce of the magic……errr, right, cupcakes. Cupcakes, never forget about the cupcakes.


    Lime cupcake with salted lime tequila butter cream frosting. I suppose something should be said about Jimmy Buffet. Humming a tune might be appropriate. Thoughts of Key West, hot nights with tropical breezes? Better yet how about I just spell it out; Tequila + cake + lime = We are Big Time Serious about bringin’ the Wowie Zowie.


    Chocolate cupcake with chocolate truffle filling, topped with vanilla frosting and coconut and caramel drizzle. A twist on the Samoa, when this one came into being not only did we become arrogant and self righteous, basking in the glow of our most glorious creation, looking down upon the sad masses with their stunted imaginations, we laughed until we cried, roaring our fight song atop the highest mountains, besieging the crowned king for knighthood, petitioning the Vatican for living sainthood…ooh, spell check just told me I’ve created a run on sentence. My bad.


    Marble cupcake with a chunky peanut butter filling and topped with peanut butter/vanilla butter cream frosting. We take cash, check and debit cards at The Shoppe. It’s not our fault if we make you poor.


    Zucchini chocolate chip cupcake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Y


    Chocolate coffee cupcake with mocha frosting and topped with espresso beans. Your pupils will dilate until all you can see is a bottomless black pit of caffeination after you move you molars over this coffee bomb.


    Vanilla cupcake topped with chopped cherries and whipped cream. Let cherry season commence in your belly, only kicked up a notch or two.


    Orange cupcake with cream cheese frosting and orange filling. Oh, getting hoity-toity are we? Too simple for your “well developed” taste buds? Not flashy enough to catch your precious attention? That’s too bad because this one is like its ice cream version; smooth, creamy, and the perfect summer time treat.


    Snickerdoodle cupcake stuffed with baked pineapple AND vanilla custard filling topped with whipped cream and coconut. Just when you thought it was over there was more. The variety and staggering flavor selection is filling your brain with hope, joy and infinite happiness. We know, we know; it’s just what we do.


    Red velvet cupcake filled with chocolate truffle filling and topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting and Rice Krispies. All the money made for this delicious treat goes to the Aurora Theater victims.


    For our gluten free and vegan friends we have the Tooty Frooty. Banana cupcake with fresh strawberries baked inside and topped with raspberry frosting and fresh blueberries. Yummy in my tummy.


    Chocolate cupcake with chopped maraschino cherries baked inside and topped with cream cheese frosting. Oh, hello, we’re doing a lil’ promo for the movie “Ruby Sparks.” That’s right, a Big Hollywood Movie. We’ve also done some cupcake promotions for the following blockbusters: “Dance-y Time in Cakeland,” (Starring My Little Pony claymation actors”), “Detective Pickles: The Search for the Chocolate Zucchini”, “The Three Brides of Mort Clayton, the Traveling Vacuum Salesman”, “A Boy Named Butter Cream” and a few straight to DVD titles such as “The Clack of the Wooden Spoons” and the entire “War of Sprinkles” series, including the lost made for TV pilot starring the late Ernest Borgnine. Anybody still with me here? Anyone?


    Almond cupcake filled with coconut custard topped with almond cream cheese and covered in coconut, toasted almond slices and chocolate.


    Eggnog cupcake with eggnog custard filling and eggnog cream cheese frosting topped with fresh ground nutmeg. Save the drinking of eggs to Rocky Balboa. Seriously, drinking real eggs is a questionable activity to par